Free naturalistic Trekking Excursions

Thanks to the collaboration with some expert tour guides of Diano Marina, Hotel Splendid offers our guests FREE naturalistic excursions.

Naturalistic excursions Bosco di Rezzo
Through the largest beech forest in Liguria, until you reach a menhir and a sacrificial altar!
The "Bosco di Rezzo" is a well-known wood thanks to its size and the majesty of its trees. It's located between 900 and 1400 meters above sea level and is part of the Natural Park of the Ligurian Alps. You can walk among trees that reach more than 30 meters in height and observe a rich fauna: wolves, chamois, the black woodpecker, the eagle owl and many others.

Anello di Chiappa
An excursion that will take us to discover the agro-pastoral culture of the extreme west of Liguria and that will give us breathtaking views along the ridge between the Gulf of Diano and Val Merula.
Along an ancient mule track, to observe unique testimonies of the area and breathtaking views across the two valleys.

Anello di Cervo
A circular route between the sky and the sea of Cervo, to discover ancient Cervo and its surroundings, among the Mediterranean scrub, olive groves overlooking the sea, pine forests and unforgettable views.

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